1 Meta squares is very hard at level 3.meta
squares involves allot of concentration as
the levels go on it can get rely hard.
The way you play this game is you
touch the screen
with your finger .
2 Water slide is very hard as the levels go on
the way you play is when you turn your iPod
the person on your iPod.
Tap tap revenge goes all the way to extreme.
The way you play is you touch the iPod
screen when the ball gets to the bottom
of your iPod.
3 Gold rush has many mines you touch the
ipod in any area then the girl mines stamina
is like energy. dynamite supports maps rest and
chat all extras that help allot.
4. Aqua punt is punting
on your ipod. The way you play is there is a button
at the bottom left and bottom right of your
ipod there are 4 footballs when a football
is at the bottom of the ipod then press the
button. There are three goal posts at the
top that goal is worth 3 the next to are worth
1. At about 50 points the ipod will ask you
if you want to do a 1 minute drill.
5 beguiled can get very hard starting at level 5.
6 Tap Tap revenge is really fun and hard.
7 jelly car 2 has three different levels easy,medium,and hard.
8 oregon trail is a game that requires a strategy.
9 aqua punt ( with basketballs) is just like aqua punt(with footballs).
10 skeeball is not on the crozet ipod but you can search it.
11 flipsy is a game that is easy until level 6.